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Why Work with TanManagement

With over 50 years in the East African market and a decade internationally, TanManagement offers profound expertise in the insurance industry. Our dynamic professionals are dedicated to delivering expert and personalized services. Founded on a robust financial base and strict adherence to statutory requirements, we are a proud member of the Tanzania Association of Insurance Brokers. Committed to adding value to your business, we prioritize providing excellent service.

Professional Risk

Protect your professional reputation with our professional indemnity insurance, covering liability claims.

Cargo & Logistics

Secure your cargo during transit with our cargo insurance, ensuring safe delivery.

Property & Casualty

Safeguard your valuable assets with our property insurance solutions, covering residential and commercial properties against various risks.

Accident & Health

Be prepared for unexpected accidents and health issues with our accident and health insurance coverage, providing peace of mind.

Financial & Political

Manage political risks effectively with our insurance coverage, ensuring stability in volatile regions.

Our Services


Bringing the benefits of insurance closer to the masses. At its core, Bima Time represents our commitment to making insurance more accessible, convenient, and responsive to the needs of our customers.

Insurance Covers

Welcome to TanManagement, your trusted partner for comprehensive insurance solutions. Below are some of the covers we offer, please feel free to reach out to us for more coverages and solutions.

Reach & Network

We are present in 150+ countries globally through our network and partnerships. Our regional presence alone is the vastest in comparison to any other brokerage firms local or international.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are three different types of covers –

Third party – covers only damage to third party property damage or injury / death.

Third party fire & theft – as above but includes damage to own vehicle by fire and theft.

Comprehensive – covers own damage as well as third party liabilities.

Fidelity covers for direct financial loss as a result of dishonesty by your employees (fraud) whilst money covers robbery/ theft of money carried by authorized persons during transit / stored at specific premises / cash in safe.

Life insurance usually has two aspects to it; term assurance & pure endowment. Term assurance policies pay the beneficiary on a policy upon death of the named insured within the policy period whilst a pure endowment pays the insured upon survival during the policy period.

At present the insurance rating system has been set to a minimum as governed by TIRA however factors such as age of risk, usage, claims history may also be a factor that can affect rate.

Insurable interest simply means the interest that a person has in something such as a particular property, meaning that the person would suffer a loss should that property be harmed / damaged.

The purpose of insurance is to compensate an insured for the loss suffered and to return the insured to the exact / similar position they were at before occurrence of loss.

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